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What happens if I have a student who transfers or changes programs?

Chapter Sponsors are obligated to supply the student’s documented hours to all new sponsors when the student moves to a new school. Each chapter should accept all previously documented points and/or inductions, even if they come from a different type of program or dance setting.

Can a student be denied Induction or stripped of their Induction or Graduation with Honors?

Induction into NHSDA is based on three strands of achievement: artistic merit, leadership, and academic achievement. These are determined by the accumulation of points for meritous dance work (15 points required for induction into the Junior Program, 30 points required for induction into the Secondary Program), meeting the GPA requirement, and earning and above-average character rating. Students must meet each of these requirements in order to be inducted. Students who earn the points, while not earning the minimum GPA or the above average character rating, are not elligible for induction.

If students do not meet deadlines given by their Chapter Sponsor for submitting points, filling out the application, or paying the induciton fee, the Chapter Sponsor reserves the right to require them to wait until the next induction period.

Student Induction and Graduation with Honors is a lifetime recognition and NHSDA designations remain with the student’s record. Should a student's GPA fall below the Chapter's minimum GPA requirements, there is no penalty or movement to dishonor the student. The faculty advisor and/or Chapter Sponsor are encouraged to work with the student to help the student regain academic rigor. At the Chapter Sponsor’s discretion, inducted students can be barred from Chapter activities, including wearing NHSDA cords at graduation, should concerns arise about conduct or behaviors that might jeopardize their own safety, the well-being of others, or the integrity of NHSDA.

Can a student be Inducted into two NHSDA Junior Program Chapters or two NHSDA Secondary Program Chapters?

If a prospective inductee is simultaneously enrolled in two or more programs that hold chapters (e.g., a high school and a dance studio), the student should select one chapter through which to seek induction, yet once inducted at one school, they can participate in NHSDA activities at the other school as well.  It is suggested that if a student wants to wear the blue/white honor cords during the high school graduation ceremony that they seriously consider being formally inducted in the high school chapter.  This will make it much easier for the high school to approve the student to wear the honor cords during graduation. 

Can a student apply points earned in their NHSDA Secondary Program toward Collegiate Program Induction?

No points may be carried over from the Secondary Program into the Collegiate Program as the National Point System for college students has different requirements.