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There are three NHSDA programs, each one servicing a specific age group:
  • Junior Program - students in grade 6-8 or the local Middle School equivalent
  • Secondary Program - students in grade 9-12 or the local High School equivalent
  • Collegiate Program - students studying in a post secondary institution offering dance courses for credit
Click on an image below to go to that program.

Each chapter is set up at the institutional level, and only students who are enrolled in that school or studio can apply for induction. A dance faculty member will need to serve as the Chapter sponsor. The school or studio must have an Institutional Membership with the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) in order to apply for a chapter. The Institutional Membership must be renewed annually in order to maintain the chapter. To learn more about membership and join NDEO, click here.

An institution can have one chapter of each program, provided it serves students at that grade level. For example, a dance studio can have both a Junior Program Chapter and a Secondary Program chapter. However, the dance studio will only need one NDEO Institutional Membership, even if they have an NHSDA Chapter in each program. Students can only be inducted into the program chapter that matches their grade level. For example, a 6th grade student can only be inducted into the Junior Program. More information about the different programs, including guidelines for implementing and running a Chapter at your school, can be found at the links above.

Once you have taken out a NDEO Institutional Membership and paid the dues, you can apply for an NHSDA Chapter at the link below. You will need:
  • The Institutional Membership’s 4 or 5 digit NDEO Member ID number (This can be found under the Contact Information page of your NDEO Member Profile.)
  • The contact information for the chapter sponsor
  • The chapter’s GPA requirement (for more information, click on the program description links above)
  • A description of your school’s dance program
  • Contact information for additional parties you would like to have contacted when your chapter is approved and when students are inducted (For example, deans, principals, or program directors)
  • Once your chapter application is approved, you will receive an email notification and can begin the process of inducting students. A New Chapter Certificate will be mailed within a few weeks of your approval.
  • Students must apply for induction by filling out the application on this website in order to be inducted by the Chapter Sponsor.
If you are unsure if a Chapter has already been established at your school, you can search the directory on the chapter application page. Type in the name of your school or the city and state to find current chapters.